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Best Doughnuts


There is nothing healthy in eating a doughnut (also spelled donut) but there is nothing unhealthy in giving oneself a little sweet treat (sometimes not everyday!)

Top 3 of where to find the best doughnuts.

1- 7-Eleven

As crazy or random as it sounds, the 7-Eleven convenience stores offer an amazing $1 glazed donut. Perfect with a coffee in the morning or as an afternoon snack, $1 can actually get you two of those round, sweet and tasty American treats. Eat one and offer the second to someone in need.

For you personal and cultural information, in 1963 the Southland corporation opened “seven days a week from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m.” in 1000 locations within U.S. Almost 50 years later, 7-Eleven stores expanded  to 44,700 stores worldwide. 

2- Krispy Kreme

When you travel to London, the department store Harrod’s is usually a required stop in your British journey. That stop comes with a refreshment: an original glazed doughtnut from Krispy Kreme located on the main floor of the store.

For you personal and cultural information, it all started in June 1937, when Vemon Rudolph bought a secret recipe from a New Orleans chef, who guess what, was French! Then Rudolph rented out a building in Winston Salem, NC and started selling the doughnuts based of the French secret recipe to local American grocery stores. 

3- Doughnut Plant New York City

Very light and airy, the doughtnut from the Doughnut Plant will not make you feel heavy or nauseous digesting a dough mixed with sugar, oil and yeast. Try it, and you will see!


For you personal and cultural information, Herman Isreal started working in a Minessotta bakery in 1910 before he moved to Paris. In 1918, WWI, he bakes bread for the army. It is only in 1981 that his grandson, Mark moves to New York City and starts the first Doughnut Plant based on his grandfather’s recipe almost fifteen years later. From 1994 to 1999, Mark makes doughnuts out of his Lower East Side basement where he sells the treats to delis such as Balducci’s or Dean and Deluca. In 2000, he moved the Doughnut Plant from his basement to a street view on 279 Grand Street. (Also opened on 220 West 23rd St – corner with 7th Avenue.) 


Crepes Trick!


If you are running out of milk when you are preparing your crepe dough, you can “cut” the milk with cold water… Your crepes will be light and airy.

However, do not fully substitute the milk for water!

Cooking Demo in Boston!


Cooking Demo with the author of French Cuisine for the Young and Broke

Tuesday January 31, 7pm

Are you broke and hungry? Eleanor Picciotto has the perfect cookbook for you! French Cuisine for the Young and Broke is for people with no ideas, no appliances, and no time, but with a craving for home-made deliciousness.

Eleanor Picciotto is a recent graduate from Boston University, who had the time to write this cookbook after she was laid up from a ski accident. She’s created easy to use, delicious recipes for new and experienced cooks alike.

Read more about Eleanor on




“What is Fudge?” I asked two of my American friends on a trip to Mystic, CT.

They laughed and said: “you never had fudge?” I had not.

“Well,” they continued,”how can we describe it, it is fudge…”

Thank you very much! It helped…

FUDGE is a soft candy made from sugar, butter, and milk or cream. It also is a riich chocolate, used especially as a filling for cakes or a sauce on ice cream. 

Non-existent in France. ImageImageImageImageImage