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Located at the corner of Rivington St and Norfolk St, in the Lower East Side neighborhood of New York City, Shiller’s Liquor Bar is a subtle mix between a an aluminum-style American dinner and a low-key French bistro.

The quality/price value is very good, the staff is great and the food delicious.

Ideal for small groups, late or early dinner, with a good appetite.


French Cuisine by Ele


Chers New Readers,

If you are a foodie,

If you are French, but specially if you are not

If you are a traveler,

If you are a writer and a reader,

If you like new things

and if you like to cook,

This new blog/website should be a bookmark in your toolbar.

At first, I will share insights about my first cookbook that will be launched on December 6th of this year:

French Cuisine for the Young and Broke.  

At the meantime and in the near future, I will give you tips in the kitchen, insights about restaurants, 48 hours city guides, press articles about health, surveys, food tricks and tips and will share pictures as often as I possibly can.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at